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L'Morte de Strahd
(D&D 5e)

What do you get if you revisit a nearly 40 year old iconic D&D setting - Ravenloft and mix in a significant amount of homebrew from a DM that thinks players should run away screaming a lot more.... L'Morte de Strahd, that's what.

"An uncomfortable Inn. Midnight. A scream. Two terrified children: "Theres a Monster in our house". Thus begins the nightmare..."

Where the valiant, some would say foolhardy, party are not so much adventuring, as trapped in their own private horror movie. Certificate 400. Running time ... the rest of your life.

A story as simple as boy meets girl, collides with an ancient forgotten evil, in a land that doesn't exist, where the only currency you have to offer is your own life and running away is always an option ... but there's nowhere to go.

"In Barovia, nobody cares if you scream!"

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