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Castles in the Sky

The War-of-the-World's Martians are dead from the cold virus. Their ships litter the earth, and the technology is scavenged by the Victorian nations of the Earth.
Flying Battleship combat, steampunk style. What could be stupider and yet more right?


Suitable for 2 or more players controlling up to 8 ships. The game plays in anything from 1-4 hours, depending on fleet size.

You need to manage your altitude, speed, and rate of turn to try an out manoeuvre your enemy to bring your weapons to bear before his do. The game features everything from Heavy Naval guns, Torpedoes, floating Sky Mines to Point Defence Cannon. Your ship can take a pounding, right up until the moment your armour fails and critical ship systems get destroyed; then fight against stalling, sinking and on board fires.

There is significant "fog of war" in this game, not only may your ships not do as you wish them to, just the chaos of being in battle can stress your crew and ship to the point of 'striking your flag' and turning tail and steaming away.

The models in the pictures below are roughly 1:1000, designed and 3D printed by Alan. Available to buy. More variants and different nations are a work in progress.

There is a facebook group for discussion of this game which includes the rule's author!

Contact : Alan Phillipson
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