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A War Transformed

The great war was grinding along rather nicely thank you very much, until some jerk threw an asteroid at the moon, disrupted the tides, uncovered Doggerland connecting Britain to Europe and simultaneously awakening the old gods.
Then things started getting weird


Combining the technology, military doctrines and ragged remaining forces of a war-weary 1917 Europe, with the ancient natural powers of the old Horned God and the fates. A War Transformed is a Platoon sized wargame based in the great war combining traditional military units with the mysterious magical power of witches and the old gods. An oportunity to team your WWI infantry and cavalry figures with the emergence of tank technology alongside allied zombies, summoned demons, magic spells, and good old pagan symbology. Perhaps it is best described by eves-dropping on a nearby British Trench:

Lt Smithers : "It's no good Captain, Jerry are entrenched, we'll never shift them today." Capt Fortesque : "Nonsense, Smithers. Sergeant, read my horoscope again." Sgt Gripe"Sah, Virgo - The Maiden is strong this week in the rising of Venus. The middle of the week shall bring you a great success, though a loved one has bad news at the weekend." Capt Fortesque : "It's Wednesday isn't it?" Lt Smithers : "Yes Sir." Capt Fortesque : "Excellent. Sergeant, ready the Morris Dancers, slap a fresh coat of white-wash on the May Pole and go wake up the Witch. We're going to stick it to them." Sgt Gripes : "Sah. I've polished your unicorn Sah!" Capt Fortesque : "Praise be to the Horn-ed One, this is a great day to kill Jerry." Sgt Gripes : "Praise be Sah!" Lt Smithers : "Praise be...."

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