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Bolt Action - MEGATRON 3000
Bolt Action - MEGATRON 3000

Sat, 10 Aug



Bolt Action - MEGATRON 3000

Megatron meets Bolt action? Seriously I have no idea... but there's plenty of details cut n paste below.

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Time & Location

10 Aug 2024, 09:00 – 18:00

Stirling, 40B Cowane St, Stirling FK8 1JR, UK

About the event

MEGA TRON 3000 The year 2023 Date:10/08/2024 – 10/08/2024 Location:Common Ground Games 40 Cowane Street Stirling, FK8 1JR (Phone: 01786 357414)

Welcome to the MEGA TRON 3000 Bolt Action tournament. This event may sound silly but it will be a celebration of all the good things about Bolt Action and will focus upon the many campaign/theatre books that have been released over the previous years. It will also form part of the MEGATRON CUP WEEKEND but you can read more about that at the very end so don’t worry about it now.

Format: The event consists of 3 games of Bolt Action, with a ticket cost of £20.50 per player. This covers entry to Common Ground Games and participation in the event itself and lunch on the day. Tickets will go on sale from Wednesday 15th November 2023 at 10am and not before. More about that later as you better keep reading. Game length is set at 2.5 hours and time warnings will be given at each hour and with 15 minutes left of the round. Once time is called the order dice bag is closed and if there is an order dice in a players hand they will be able to complete that units activation, the game then ends immediately. The event will use V2 of the Bolt Action game.

Event Schedule: • Registration: 8:45 – 9:15 (Briefing 9:15-9:30) • Game 1:9:30 – 12:00 • Lunch:12:00 – 12:45 (Armies on parade, players to leave armies out and vote for best army) • Game 2: 12:45 – 15:15 • Break:15:15 – 15:30 • Game 3: 15:30 – 18:00 Awards and clean up will follow.

Army Selection: Each player will submit a 1250 point army list for the event. This is the list that will be used in all 3 games. Armies must be constructed using the following criteria:

1 Theatre Selector Platoon.

There is a DICE CAP of 18 order dice for the event. This is to ensure that games are played in a timely fashion.

Armies may be chosen from any official Warlord Games supplement campaign book released by midnight 25th May 2024 for World War 2. In addition, theatre selectors from Armies of Italy and the Axis and Armies of France and the Allies can be used. No Selector will be chosen more than once so choose wisely. If a player selects one that has already been chosen then the TO will advise them to change it. (exciting eh?)

The event will use the most up to date official Warlord Games errata and FAQ published as of 6th June 2024.

Army lists must be submitted to the Tournament Organisers by no later than midnight on 13th July 2024 and should be sent to the following email address: All lists will be checked to ensure that they comply with the rules of the game and the requirements laid out above. Lists judged to be ineligible will be returned for revision and resubmission. All decisions made by the Tournament Organisers are final.

Painting and Modelling: What is mandatory is that models must be 28mm in scale, resemble the units they are intended to represent and comply with the ‘What You See Is What You Get’ principle. If you don’t have time to paint your models well that’s just life and I am ok with that.

Scenarios: Key Positions. Pg 136 main rule book. Meeting Engagement. Pg 135 main rule book. Double Envelopment. Pg 137 main rule book. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded for the following: • Tournament Champion (most battle points) • 2nd Place • 3rd Place • Wooden spoon • Players’ Choice (Decided by the players. Winner must have painted the army they are using) • Best Table (chosen by the players) Any ties will be split by ‘Margin of Victory’ scores. A prize table will be used and it is hoped that everyone will get the chance to choose something if we get enough sponsors on board!

Round Set Up: The first-round pairings will be selected at random with the pairings in each subsequent round selected using a Swiss Draw System. The draw for each round will be based upon battle points only.

Scoring. Battle points.

Battle Points. Winners of each game will be decided based upon the victory conditions of the scenario being played. Winner receives – 5pts Loser receives – 1pts Draw each player receives – 3pts

During each and every game there will be additional Battle Points available for the following. Killing you opponents HQ – 1pt (highest points value if more than 1) Keeping your own HQ alive – 1pt (highest points value if more than 1) Claiming Secondary objective – 2pts (a secondary objective will be on each table and placed by the TO during each game)

Ticket Sales

Tickets are £20.50 per player and this covers entry fee, 3 games and lunch on the day. Ticket purchase is made via PAYPAL friends and family to All players will receive an email confirming the purchase soon after and a running list of participants will appear in the event page alongside the Theatre Selector they have chosen. Remember, once a selector has been taken it cannot be taken again so choose wisely and swiftly. When you make payment, please enter in the notes the following information. PUBLICATION/PAGE NUMBER/THEATRE NAME. Ticket sales begin Wednesday 15th November at 10am. And tickets purchased before this date will be rejected.

The following information is worth noting though re cancellations etc. Tickets can be transferred between players and monies exchanged between those parties. Army lists for such changes can be discussed with the TO.

Should a player cancel their ticket on or after Saturday 13th July 2024 then no refund will be given. If at any point the TO has to cancel a ticket or the event itself (due to on going Covid-19 activity) then part/full refunds will be provided. Some fees will have to be paid at various points on the run up to the event and these will be deducted from the pool of money that ticket sales creates hence the use of part/full refunds. Lets hope this is not an occurrence though.

Additional House Rules and Limits.

Campaign Italy: Tough Gut. The ‘Allied Cooperation’ rule will not be in play for this event. Only a single theatre selector can be used to create a force for this event. Great Britain/Commonwealth. Any army falling into this category can only ever benefit from one ‘free’ unit from any source during its creation. Stalingrad Campaign Book. Any theatre selector from the Stalingrad book used will NOT have access to panzefaust upgrades for their infantry units. Italy. When playing in this event Italian forces will use the national rules from whichever source book their theatre selector is taken from. EG if you have a CASE BLUE selector then you get to use the rules from that book. If it is from Armies of Italy and the Axis then you use those national characteristics.

All Italian forces selected from Armies of Italy and the Axis will benefit from the D3defensive emplacements regardless of the scenario. An Italian force from any other book does not get these.

Germany. The ‘Tiger fear’ rule will be used as written in the German Army book though it will only be applicable to the Tiger I and Tiger II tanks and no other tank.

Any and all questions should be directed to and I will reply.

Any Other Business Changing of Theatre Selector. Once a player has locked in the selector they wish to use after buying a ticket/deposit they may want to change it………………hmmmmmm. I would encourage all players to select wisely but if a change is required then a small admin fee of £2 will be required, These funds will go into the prize pool. Don’t want any funny business going on!

As questions arrive I will create a ‘living’ faq on the Facebook event page so that everyone can see what is being asked.

THE MEGATRON CUP The Megatron 3000 Bolt Action event comprises 50% of the competition known as the MEGATRON CUP that is being held over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of August 2024 at Common Ground Games, the other event is the Megatron Megabowl Blood Bowl event. Players can play in one or the other and just ignore this bit……………OR…………..if you feel up for the challenge you can take part in both and maybe just maybe get your hands on the MEGATRON CUP!

How does it work?

Only players that purchase and play in both events on both days can score what are known as Megatron Mega Points. These points are assigned at the end of each event and are based upon where you finish compared to our MEGATRONERS (that is to say other players that are taking part in both days). Eg if there are 12 MEGATRONERS then the player that finishes highest will get 12pts, then the next player gets 11pts and so on. In the event of a tie then each players W/D/L record will be taken into account. Whom ever has the most MEGAPOINTS at the end of both events will win the MEGATRON CUP.


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