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1st day on the job

SLA Industries 2e

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Marc Brunt

Assessing Interest

5 June 2024

Every Wednesday

SLA Industries is a Horror Noire RPG where you are cast as an "Operative in a world of dystopian and eldritch horrors

SLA Industries is the game but also a company. A huge corporate entity that rules over not only your home “Mort City”, but the entire planet and the expanding universe itself referred to as ‘The World of Progress’.

SLA employs Operatives. These highly trained agents are the boots on the ground in Mort City, a place filled with violence, drugs, strange alien races and built entirely on lies and secrets. An Operative will have a job to do, and they are not always glamorous; a typical assignment (known as a Blueprint News file (BPN)) this may consist of anything from exterminating carnivorous rats and pigs in the sewers of Mort City, to securing and retrieving an ancient artefact for the company, or even investigating reports of unknown horrors in the depths.

Operatives work for the promise of two things; a solid payout with which to buy stronger armour and bigger guns (for personal safety of course), and an SCL (Security Clearance Level) increase, allowing them to climb the ranks of the company (and the opportunity to learn more secrets).

Number of Players: 4-5

Duration: Initially 3 months starting with character generation and an introductory scenario “The Cleaners”

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