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Time to Step Aside for New beginnings!

Hi Folks, Well its been over 2 years as Chairman of the Club and its been a interesting journey indeed. When we moved officially from Broughton to the Daniel Owen Centre, nothing was certain and it was "interesting times" for a while. But with you, the memberships help our club grew and things have gone from strength to strength. Its been a pleasure to be able to help guide the club in that time and to have had the solid support of Alan as Secretary and Sean lately at Treasure in the last twelve months and Tony before Sean. Truly these guys are the real heroes and have put the hard work in. So a BIG thank you from me to them! Its Certainly not been dull being Chair. There have been a few challenges a long the way. But I am proud to have been able to be Chairman of an amazing club with amazing members and real community that has grown and continues to grow. So as we approach the EGM and election of my replacement, I can only say once more a big thank you to you the members for turning up and helping make the club what it is today. Oh and the Centre staff and volunteers too. Whom have been a pleasure to work with.

So to those who are stepping forward for re-election or new posts. Good luck and the Club couldn't run with out you. So I look forward to seeing what the new Committee get up to. Its been a pleasure! Cheers John..


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