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Quarterly Update

Headlines since last update:

  • Attendance is good @ 30 people per week average, breakeven is 25.

  • Current cash position is healthy with up to £1100 to invest. Up from £800. Suggestions to John.

  • GAUNTLette was a moderate success. But 1 in 3 bookings were no shows. We need to improve this as we try to invite others and grow. Especially if no BB tournament.

Priorities for next quarter:

  • Stock take and retire old/unused scenery & buy new.

  • Continue to promote and recruit new members.

  • Open up the website so members can contribute rather than relying on one person.

  • Simplify comms.

Thanks from the committee to Adam, Will, Paul & Tristan for their help, and to everyone else for turning up each week.

More volunteers to help are always welcome.


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