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Membership Subscriptions

In response to member requests, and as part of our membership system improvements, it will soon* be possible to pay your club attendance fees on subscription using a debit or credit card from our web site. This facility will be provided by Square, the same system that we use for taking card payments on game night.

The club will be offering subscriptions in either Quarterly or Annual lump sums. Paying in this way gives the club a small reduction in processing fees compared to taking card payments on the night.

Possible costs : Quarterly £24, Yearly £96. (We reserve the right to alter these prices as we develop the membership system). We shall make available a Thursday subscription and a Wednesday subscription separately.

Your details will be handled only by the secure square website and communication with you by email. At no point in this process does anyone in the club have access to your payment details.

The committee remain open to comment and suggestion from interested members.

*soon ~ not as long as the next ice age, but also not next Tuesday ... patience Padawan.


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