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GAUNTlette Arrangements

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

GAUNTlette is upon us again. Sunday 26th March, 9am to 6pm.

Layout of tables is shown in the pictures above.

In summary 40k, Horus Heresy, Apocalyse and the Traders in the main hall. Board gamers in the room they seem to have permanently annexed, bolt action and Hail Durin! In the other two rooms. Painting competition and bring and buy in the cafe area.

We have a larger number of bigger games this time around, so tables will need to be butted up together to make space.

We shall be setting up table and board layouts on Saturday evening at 7pm. If you've booked a game, then please make sure at least one member of your group is available to help.

Some members have asked about setting up scenery on Saturday evening. The club shall not be setting up club assets until Sunday morning. If members wish to set up their own mats and terrain on Saturday evening then you do so at your own risk. The club cannot be held responsible for loss or damage even if the risk is very low.

Doors open for organisers and traders at 8:00 on Sunday morning. 9 am for general entry. Cafe open from 8-2pm serving its full menu.

Don't forget to bring your painting competition entry with you. Any 'unit' between 5 & 20 figures welcome. Prizes awarded at 4pm.

There will be a Bring and buy table operating in the café.


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