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D-Defenders go to Cardiff

Though you may not know it, brave members of the "Deeside Defenders" team launched a crusade to the capital this weekend to represent the club and support national efforts to improve the international standing of the Wales 40K team.

Five brave souls, Adam Studdart, Joshua Townley, Matt Jones, Richard Naismith & Stephen Bennett heeded the call to take part in the national Wales team tournament at Firestorm Games (an incredible venue. See picture below). 50 players from 8 teams from across the country attended the event which was organised by the Wales WTC (World Team Championship) leadership team.

Ultimately the Deeside Defender's team finished 5th (above Wrexhammer Alan will be pleased to hear!) and they only missed out on third place due to some generous point-sharing with opponents over the course of the event.

The tournament involved 15 hours of intense competitive play and included some of the best players in the world! They managed to get points out of every team, considering some of our team have only been playing for less than a year and some teams included 20-year veterans of the game, its safe to say we are all very proud of their efforts.

the event was a resounding success and many of the members agreed it was the best Tournament they had ever attended, the new friendships, banter and good sportsmanship made it a weekend to remember. I am sure they will only go from strength to strength in the future. well done gents!


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