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Club discount @ Games Sesh

Part of the ongoing revival of our website and general improvement of communications outside the club has lead me to contacting dozens of retailers and other clubs that have us listed on their sites.

No records exist of which sites we promoted ourselves on, it's time consuming, mind numbingly boring, but needs doing as we have changed venue, have different contact details and a whole new website. You can thank me later.

One of the first people to respond to me is Ben, from

I'm happy to confirm that we are an affiliated club to Games Sesh. An online retailer specialising in dungeons and dragons, particularly retro style materials, miniatures, tee shirts and dice.

As an affiliate club members get a discount on every order from their store.

10% OFF

Quote code


As I believe the cool kids say these days, "Neato!"

Go check them out.

We are working on an "affiliates" page of our own on the club website, which should be live in the next few days and will identify local vendors and clubs plus any discounts or benefits. More details soon.


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