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Christmas Meal Poll Ending Soon!

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

With only 4 and a half days to go until the Chirstmas Meal poll closes, please make sure that you have all had you opinions heard! We've had a great response so far with 34 responses...but I don't want to go into any more details regarding which meals are currently the most popular. What I can offer you instead is more details surrounding the the "expected sides";

Beef Stew - Bread Rolls

BBQ Pulled Pork - Mac & Cheese - Coleslaw

- Bread Rolls

Indian Chicken Curry With Rice

- Poppadoms

- Samosas

- Onion Bhaji

Chilli Con Carne With Rice

- Tortilla Chips

- Cheese

There will also be a vegetarian curry prepared for those who partake in a meat free diet, I'll be ensuring they have the appropriate sides to accommodate your needs. I do apologise that the poll wasn't clear enough for those who partake a meat free diet and will ensure next time to be more inclusive.

With that said, please make sure anyone with dietary requirements still fills out the poll and adds their dietary requirements in the relative field on the form. If any or all of the options provided in the poll are not suitable please select the "No Hot Food" option twice, ensuring you provided your dietary requirements.


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13 nov. 2023

For Sean's first news item post, this is broadly competent. Well done old chap!

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