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AGM & Committee Elections

The club Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 20th April 2023 during which a vote of members shall be held to elect committee members for the following year.

Nominations are now welcomed for posts on the club committee.
  • Chairman - overall running of the club, leadership of the committee and club strategy.

  • Secretary - communications, club documentation, website and general organisation.

  • Treasurer - club accounts, finances, fees and bank account.

The current Chairman and Secretary (John Woolley and Alan Phillipson respectively) shall stand for re-election. The current Treasurer, Tony Griffiths, shall not be standing for re-election due to other commitments. The club would like to thank Tony for his enormous efforts which have been instrumental in helping the club grow and in re-establishing Gauntlet. His work on Bloodbowl in particular has put the club on the national tournament schedule and he is also directly responsible for the raffles and Game of the Week. Thank you Tony. Tony shall continue to run Bloodbowl tournaments and be a valuable Officer of the club. Any club member is eligible to stand for election in any of the three posts. Please make your nominations directly to any of the existing committee members.

Nominations close on 30th March 2023.

Club Officers

With the past year’s success in growing the membership of the club, the committee recognises that additional support is needed. During this time a number of members have stepped forward to help with various tasks such as external promotion, stock taking, vendor contacts, running campaigns/tournaments, providing prizes, artwork etc. There are also a wide range of skills available across the membership and a number of people who might like to offer help but cannot commit the time to a full committee post.The committee intends to create posts as Officers of the Club for specific roles. Club Officers shall also advise the committee and have a say in club affairs. Full details on how this might operate shall be put forward after the AGM. The committee is very thankful to all those club members that have during the past year helped out and volunteered, and also for all of you that have continued to turn up every week and made the club what it is.

Thank you all.


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