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On 22nd October 2023, Ash The Dragon, beloved mascot of Deeside Defenders Gaming Club Guard, was abducted.

Vile, cheating xenomorphs, in the form of native Wrexonians were observed, in number, in the vicinity prior to the heinous crime.

Wantonly unafraid of retribution. the arrogance of the miscreants meant they had the audacity to pose for pictures during the kidnapping!


The crack troop* of local Imperial Guardsmen (sponsored by the Adeptus Toyicus approved Battle Games and Models) , assigned to the protection of the God-Emperor's favoured pet dragon, are currently missing in action, presumed AWOL.


A disappointment to their species, their club, and above all their Chairman, the inquisition has been dispatched. Summary courts martial and subsequent, extensive re-education is the minimum they can expect. Their once proud captain, known only as Posh Boy, shall no doubt face the greatest of punishments for his abject failure.

The God-Emperor (also known as Chairman) has today issued a call for revenge! Work begins immediately on moulding a fighting force capable of storming the hold of the Wrexonian scoundrels and returning Ash to Wales' Premier Gaming Club.

* clearly the term 'crack troop' here has been used entirely wrongly.


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