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Warhammer 40k apocalypses

A Warhammer 40k apocalypse game

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John Drury

This will be a giant game of Warhammer 40k 9th ed a chance to bring out all your big wonderful models and have fun

The game will be on a 12ft x 4ft board takeing up 4 tables

The mission is a custom mission that has been play tested and it has been kept simple

The game is open to all from new players to veteran players as this is more of a spectacle game with cool things happing


The mission detales:


There are two teams attackers and defenders

the attackers objective is to capture 3 relics and bring them up towards the council points at the back of the map/board in the defenders deployment zone

to pick up a relic the unit/model must be with in 2 inches of the center of the relic and be able to capcher objectives in a normal game of 40k and must not have the keywords fly or hover and can not enter a vehicle with the relic if the vehicale has the keywords fly or hover


Both attackers and defenders all have equal points based as a team not the individual army etc someone can have a 500 point army and someone else could have a 3500 point army bring the teams total to 4000 points for that team so its team point that matter

The players on each team will be picked by drawing straws/loilpop sticks red for attacks bule for defenders


With this mission you can use all core stratagems but you can only pick 3 other stratagems witch you can not change but use like normal this is for speed as and ease of use

While you are playing the game you can get buffs from your team as long as the buffs key words example you use a buff that buffs things with the Imperial keyword the team mate you are buffing must have the keyword Imperial


For troop transports your teammates can use them as long as I have the same fraction as the transport for example space marines must use space 1vehicles Imperial Guard must use Imperial Guard vehicles chaos must use chaos vehicles etc it does not matter if a salamanders get in ultramarine rhino as long as it's the same faction


As its an apocalypse game the rule of six applies instead of rule of three

you can have multiple of the same name character in the team but not in your army list


If you have any quetions feel free to get in touch with me by discord or what's app

Discord I'm in the Deeside Defenders sever as Doom Guy and I'm in thw Warhammer 40k what's app group as John Drury

Warhammer 40k apocalypses
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