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"Legion of ONE"


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Paul Jones

Let's face it, I'd be happy to have a Gauntlett plaque on my desk rather than a slayer sword.

Plus, OVER £150 of prizes from Rosemary & Co

"The Finest Quality Artists Handmade Artists Brushes"

So here's July's painting comp category;

"Legion of One"

  • Any genre 

  • Any type; monstrous creature, vehicle etc

  • Any size (we only have one table, let's try and not fill it with titans)

  • Must be for table top use

  • Figure should convey the sense that its a game changer on the battlefield

  • It may have supporting figures (being stomped on, consumed etc)

  • Figure MUST be mounted on one base for ease of movement (we'd like to take photos which means we'll have to move the figures around )

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