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Middle Earth RPG (Recruiting Now)

Roleplaying in the world of Tolkien - Starting 8th November 2023


A classic of the roleplaying game explosion in the 1980's. Authentically set in the rich world created by JRR tolkien.

  • Can you add to 100 and beyond?

  • Do you care more about story, place and character than simply a slugfest?

  • When necessary do you want combat to be brutal and have consequences?

  • Do you watch the movies and think "that Legolass is an asshole, I could do better!"?

Then MERP is for YOU!!! Currently recruiting players for a MERP campaign on wednesday nights. Register your interest on the feedback page, or the RPG channel on the club Discord server.


Sauron is defeated. The Elves have left. Gondor is ravaged by war. Read below for more.

Setting the scene
Download DOCX • 17KB

Starting at Minas Tirith amongst the survivors of Pelinnor Fields, you are approached by Captain Dannir, in need of crew for a journey south on the River Anduin...

Captain Dannir Introduction
Download PDF • 224KB

First session shall be character generation, come with an outline idea of who might be kicking around Minas Tirith after the war, and a reason for embarking on a river journey ...

Blank character sheet to print

MERP Character Sheet
Download PDF • 35KB

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