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The unlikely forefather of american football and inspired by the fantasy universe of Warhammer, Blood Bowl is an ultraviolent team sports. Assemble a team of Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs and many other fantasy creatures and enter the bloodiest arena ever! Originally created by Jervis Johnson and published for the first time by Games Workshop in 1987. This board game, based on the Warhammer world, encountered massive success in the 80’s and the 90’s and has legions of loyal fans to this day.


Bloodbowl is one of the more popular games at the club. As well as may friendly games, every year we run a league.

Bloodbowl League 2023

Our Gauntlet, all-day gaming event, also featured a NAF recognised Bloodbowl tournament with competitors coming from across North Wales and the North West of England.

Whether you're a novice coach or a national champion, you'll find somebody to play here.

Contact : Tony Griffiths
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