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AD&D 1st Edition

Advanced Dungeons a& Dragons Campaign in the world of Greyhawk

DM - Byrom Barr


Where grave perils lie and fabulous rewards can be found, are you brave enough to face the challenge?

What is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons?

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is one of the forefathers of the current D&D edition (5e), it is more complex in some ways and is more reflective of its war-gaming roots.

The game has (at least to me) a much more medieval feudal feel with a very traditional feel both in the style of the adventures and the way the game mechanics play out.

Teamwork amongst the players is essential for success as the threats faced by the player characters (PC's) can be very lethal.

When adventuring, smart play and planning is rewarded and good use of available resources is essential. Charging in without thought or care tends to end badly.

Players should not assume that everything in an adventure is scaled to their capabilities and running away is sometimes the only option, at least until the PC's find their opponents nemesis or another way to bypass the challenge they face, of course negotiation can also work sometimes....

The World of Greyhawk

TSR's first published world setting and one whose history is beset with wars and conflict and it is against this background that the PC's enter the fray as novice adventurers, who if they survive may well become heroes and heroines.

Magic in the Greyhawk setting does not appear to be a prevalent as that of the Forgotten Realms world setting, but I think it is just that Greyhawk masquerades as a low magic setting and is anything but, after all this is the setting that introduced such artefacts as the Hand and Eye of Vecna, the Wand of Orcus and many other magical weapons and devices that adventurers seek while delving the dark and dangerous dungeons that permeate the world.

For those used to the way later editions work, AD&D will feel much more dangerous and some creatures, undead in particular, can be a truly terrifying challenge.


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